What We Do

Make Your Difference with NLP Coaching

Dr Preeti uses NLP Coaching and other techniques to put you in charge of your life, your business and your performance.

She will guide you through a process of removing the ‘blockers’ that are holding you back both consciously and unconsciously.

Often, we can’t see what is blocking our progress. It may be a lack of confidence or a real or irrational fear.

In many instances, the things that prevent us achieving our successes are excuses that become reasons, that are really procrastination and self-sabotage in disguise.

Dr Preeti enables you to clearly see the path ahead of you. To gain a fresh perspective of your challenges and a tangible insight to your new future.

Dr Preeti Works With:

Dr Preeti’s Primary Clinic is based in Manchester where she offers, hourly consultations, half a day or whole day sessions, for individuals or for groups, which can be one to one or video conference calls depending on the situation.

Giving You the Winning Edge

Why choose me over a traditional psychologist?

NLP Coaching gets to the heart of the matter quickly and directly. Many of Dr Preeti’s clients experience rapid results beginning on day one or very soon after.

By contrast, the process of traditional psychology is often lengthy, with extended periods of uncovering deep issues. This in turn may involve feeling worse before one feels the benefits of the therapy.

If you are seeking fast results, Dr Preeti’s approach to NLP is for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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