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Mindset for Health

Dr. Preeti is a qualified GP with over a decade of clinical experience and is able to help with a range of conditions. As a certified NLP Practitioner, Dr. Preeti helps clients to take control of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to create positive outcomes using alternative therapies and lifestyle medicines.

Alternative therapies for a mindset for health - picture of the brain

Dr Preeti can help you with alternative therapies for:

    • Anxiety
    • Self Esteem
    • Weight Loss
    • Stop Smoking
    • Phobias
    • Addiction
    • Confidence
    • Fear of Flying

The list is inexhaustive, if you can’t see your need here just arrange a call with Dr Preeti to see how she can help you.

Wouldn’t you want to break the cycle and to overcome your specific challenges?

Wouldn’t you like to have a mindset for health?

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PLEASE NOTE: Dr Preeti does not function as a clinical doctor within Connect to Successes. All medical consultations must be conducted by your own medical doctor.