Anxiety in the Workplace

We’ve all experienced that feeling of a knotted stomach and elevated heart rate from being nervous or anxious about something. But imagine that being your state for the majority of your waking hours. Anxiety in the workplace is often a hidden peril that erodes productivity, morale and self-confidence.

The tragedy of anxiety is that it is often missed or overlooked. An employee, or colleague who is not ‘on form’ or out of sorts may stand out initially, however it can quickly become the new normal.

Meanwhile, the employee is wracked with anxiety during their time at work and at home. Regardless of the source of the problem(s), anxiety affects all aspects of life and can’t be reserved for the workplace or the home in isolation.

A tense and emotional person in the workplace is simply not able to perform optimally in most environments. They are also likely to be aware of their own challenges and underperformance, which in turn increases levels of stress and anxiety.

A company that values its employees’ welfare will provide occupational health services to an employee in need. However, it should be recognised that the process of referring an employee to occupational health itself can be a major cause of increased anxiety and stress.

This in turn can create a cycle of anxiousness, which again impacts the wellbeing and productivity of the employee, regardless of the culture or attitude towards mental health.

While an occupational health assessment may identify issues and recommend a way forward, which may also include a change to working arrangements, it is not a cure in itself.

Some may even argue that it is a necessary, but ultimately delaying step, between acknowledging the issue and getting the employee the help required.

In an ideal world, the underlying cause of stress and anxiety can be identified and rectified quickly. Many instances of the manifestation of anxiety relate to events of the past, rather than something specific to today’s environment.

This is something that cannot be cured at an occupational health level and needs to be addressed directly.

Therefore, options that quickly get to the heart of the problem should be considered.

Dr Preetis Programme using a combination of techniques, provides the perfect antidote to anxiety by dealing with the underlying cause quickly and permanently, while allowing the employee to reframe their own perspective and outlook.

When considering options for solving cases of anxiety in the workplace, our program can save time, money and productivity for the long term.

Engaging the right Well-being Practitioner for your company can help ALL employees remove the obstacles that are holding them back from achieving peak performance at all levels within your business.