Confidence and Performance

Overcome ‘stage fright’ and ‘anxiety’.

If there is one profession which relies on appearing to be in control, it’s acting. To portray a character, and one who may be extremely different from yourself, requires focus, no shortage of practice, and of course, some natural talent goes a long way too!

Anxiety is the enemy of the actor and whilst many know it simply as ‘stage fright’, anxiety can be both debilitating and career limiting. Not at all what one would want!

Under normal circumstances, faking confidence may be easy to do. However, with the eyes of thousands of people upon you, or a camera picking up every move, blink and facial twitch, it is a different story.

Supreme confidence in one’s ability to deliver under pressure is at the heart of every great performance. To act faultlessly takes focus, control and no shortage of self-assurance.

Spot Light on a stage

Mindset for the Stage

Before any performance, be it a rehearsal or the real thing, you can choose to see yourself freezing, forgetting lines or grinding to stuttering halt with stage fright.

Or, one can see oneself gliding through a near effortless, seamless performance.

It comes down to mindset and whether you’re in control, or simply reacting to chaotic emotions.

Which scenario would you rather experience?

Whether you’re seeking a boost in confidence, or see yourself astride the global stage, Dr Preeti will enable a powerful mindset to propel you towards your goals.

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