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Connect to Successes

Unleashing your mind to create continual successes…

If you’re looking to unlock your successes now, and in the future, I’m glad you’re here!

Very often we can see what we need to do, yet it feels as if we’re being held back by an invisible force.

The power of our minds is our most powerful asset for visualising and achieving our goals.

Dr Preeti’s ‘eyes wide open’ approach enables you to take control and will connect you to your future successes!

Brain, Connect to successes

Connect to success

Who I work with

I work with clients that recognise the value of premium expertise and who are committed to making positive change.

Sports Performance

Dr Preeti’s high performance coaching will enable you to break through your existing limitations and achieve the outcomes you’ve envisioned for yourself.

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Business Professionals

Dr Preeti helps business owners, leaders and corporate professionals to accelerate your progress to success.

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Whether you’re seeking a boost in confidence, or see yourself astride the global stage, Dr Preeti will enable a powerful mindset to propel you towards your goals.

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General Health

Dr Preeti is a qualified GP and certified NLP Practitioner and is able to help with a range of conditions.

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What we do

Dr Preeti empowers you to take charge of your life, your business and your performance.


Dr Preeti believes that with unflinching focus, commitment and persistence, we can achieve goals far beyond what are often self-imposed limiting beliefs.

What my clients say?

Georgina James – South Wales

Dr Preeti helped me to take my life to a new level, she helped me identify the areas in my life that I was struggling and get to the route cause of my problems. Dr Preeti was compassionate, understanding and listened to my issues in a non-judgemental manner. She immediately made me feel at ease and helped me to clearly define both my personal and professional goals. 
Dr Preeti gave me belief in myself and direction and set realistic and achievable steps that I can take to achieve my life goals. It is thanks to Dr Preeti\’s high quality coaching sessions that I now feel confident and empowered. I no longer feel stuck and frustrated with my life and I value and appreciate all the life changing help and guidance she has given me.
The sessions that I had with Dr Preeti was the best investment that I have made in my life, she opened my eyes to my true potential and to what is possible for my future, I would highly recommend her anyone.  Thank you Dr Preeti
Andrew Pearce

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